Bostwick Community Association, Inc.

History of Bostwick Community Association, Inc.

In October of 1991, a small group of Bostwick citizens met in the old schoolhouse to form what they would call "a social club". They wanted a gathering place to hold community functions such as barbecues, covered dish meals, teen dances, children's carnivals, etc. With the support of Putnam County, the club was allowed use of the old school to hold all functions and meetings. One of the first projects of the club was to redecorate the old cafeteria and raise money for a new floor. A lot of hard work went into painting and making curtains, but the results were worth it. As the club increased in members from 1992 to 1997, the members decided to take a more service oriented role to help improve the quality of life in the Bostwick area. Support for a Boy Scout Troop was provided and meetings were held in one of the old classrooms. A small library was started, and in 1997 the very first Bostwick Blueberry Festival was held.

  The Bostwick Community Library was founded by Naomi Wilkinson (deceased). In 1995, she moved boxes of books from her home and car to the Community Center, where members immediately adopted this as their next big project. Members painted bookshelves, laid old carpet donated by a downtown business, and volunteers set up the Bostwick Community Library. The library is now an official branch of the Putnam County Library System. "One great lady, one great idea, one great accomplishment."

The Bostwick Blueberry Festival was founded by Vera Daniel (deceased) and Marilyn Downs (deceased). In 1995, these two ladies visited the Melrose Grape Festival, thus inspiring them to start a Blueberry Festival, since Vera owned a blueberry farm. They saw this as a good way to raise funds for the community center. Having no seed money, Clyde Glisson, a local resident, loaned the club the funds to hold the first festival in 1997. The story goes that they had a tornado the first year and still made enough money to pay Mr. Glisson back! This is just one of the reasons it is great to live in a small community. Approximately 1,000 people attended the first festival and over 300 plates of the now famous Bostwick Blueberry Pancakes were served.

  In September 1999, after much hard work, the "Old Bostwick Schoolhouse" was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Bostwick Preservation was formed after a grant was approved to restore the outside of the Old School. The inside and outside have now been completely restored and now house the Bostwick Community Library.

    In 2002, the name was changed from Bostwick Community Action, Inc. to Bostwick Community Association, Inc. Over the past 10 years, a few of the accomplishments of the Association has been to fund scholarships for area students along with some matching funds from Sykes, Inc. and Lafarge; donations have been made to local charities and service organizations; funds have been donated to purchase books for the library before it became a part of the County Library System, and griddles, warmers, and other kitchen equipment has been purchased in order to hold the festival since the fire.

In 2003, a fire totally destroyed the center, but not our spirit; the volunteers rallied around and still held the festival. The Bostwick Baptist Church offered the use of the Fellowship Hall in order to continue with the breakfast. In it's 10th year, the festival had an attendance of of approximately 6,000; over 1,200 pancake breakfasts were served, and we were unable to keep up with the demands for fresh blueberries and homemade blueberry pies.

In January 2005, Putnam County began construction on the Bostwick Community Youth/Senior Center and it was completed in February 2006.